Make Your DevRel Strategic, Not Operational

As software continues to eat the world, the role of the developer advocate or evangelist – and DevRel in general – is becoming more critical. Companies now see the value in having employees who focus on building relationships with developers. Yet instead of making DevRel strategic, too many companies treat

The Top 5 Reasons Why Software Engineers Hate DevOps

Note: This article was written by a neural network. It’s part of a series of experiments I’m doing to see how well AI can generate plausible and not-totally-awful clickbait. But I promise I don’t actually hate DevOps. DevOps was supposed to be the silver bullet that would fix all the

How to find the version of a globally installed NPM package

Sometimes, you really want to know the version of a globally installed NPM package. That’s the position I found myself in this morning. Googling didn’t help me much. Most of the answers I found just didn’t answer my question. Here what you need to know. If you want to see

WebStorm vs Visual Studio Code

I often see developers comparing JetBrains WebStorm and Visual Studio Code. There’s often some argument about which one is better. Since is the internet and every else shares their opinion here, I figure I’ll do the same. Here’s what I think: I love VS Code and use it every day.

Thoughts on SQL Query Builders and ORMs

Are SQL query builder libraries and ORMs more trouble than they’re worth? A couple of days ago, I read Stop using Knex.js via a link on Reddit. I understand the point the author is trying to make. And I used to be pretty firmly opposed to ORMs and query builders.

Is Software Development a Stressful Career?

Software development can, at times, seem like a stressful, thankless career. A recent discussion thread on Reddit got me thinking and reflecting back on the decade I’ve been working as a software developer. Some people seemed to lament the fact that working as a developer can feel like a thankless

JavaScript Array Push Performance

This is a short response I wrote to a question on /r/javascript. The user who asked it was curious whether there would be any performance difference between adding elements to a JavaScript array by calling push, or manually adding a new object to an array by making a call like myArray[myArray.length]

JavaScript indexOf vs includes performance

This is a short response I wrote to a question on /r/javascript. The user who asked it was curious whether there would be any performance difference between using a JavaScript string’s indexOf vs includes performance when trying to find a substring within a larger string.  Let’s take a look at the ECMAScript

How to remove /api from Azure Functions URLs

Note: All of the following assumes you’re working with Azure Functions 2.0. Azure Functions are great. By default, all HTTP functions on Azure have their URLs prefixed with /api. For example, if you have functions named Function1 and Function2, you’d reach them by calling and Usually, this is

So You Want to be a Freelance Web Developer

I originally wrote this as a comment on Reddit. Since it ended up being 1700+ words, I figured it would be worth posting here too! A caveat upfront: I haven’t done these things myself, because I’ve been lucky to have some awesome jobs I don’t want to leave. However, I’ve

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