Prioritizing What Matters in Software Development

As a software engineer, it’s easy to get caught up in the details of programming languages and practices. Maybe you believe that one language is superior to all others, or that microservices are better than monoliths. But here’s the question you need to ask yourself: how much do these things

Don’t Get Lost in the Code

As a software developer, I know firsthand the allure of diving deep into the technicalities of creating complex applications. But it’s important not to get lost in the code. Some of the best career advice I can give other developers is that they should learn to look beyond the code

Make Your DevRel Strategic, Not Operational

As software continues to eat the world, the role of the developer advocate or evangelist – and DevRel in general – is becoming more critical. Companies now see the value in having employees who focus on building relationships with developers. Yet instead of making DevRel strategic, too many companies treat

The Top 5 Reasons Why Software Engineers Hate DevOps

Note: This article was written by a neural network. It’s part of a series of experiments I’m doing to see how well AI can generate plausible and not-totally-awful clickbait. But I promise I don’t actually hate DevOps. DevOps was supposed to be the silver bullet that would fix all the

How to find the version of a globally installed NPM package

Sometimes, you really want to know the version of a globally installed NPM package. That’s the position I found myself in this morning. Googling didn’t help me much. Most of the answers I found just didn’t answer my question. Here what you need to know. If you want to see

WebStorm vs Visual Studio Code

I often see developers comparing JetBrains WebStorm and Visual Studio Code. There’s often some argument about which one is better. Since is the internet and every else shares their opinion here, I figure I’ll do the same. Here’s what I think: I love VS Code and use it every day.

Thoughts on SQL Query Builders and ORMs

Are SQL query builder libraries and ORMs more trouble than they’re worth? A couple of days ago, I read Stop using Knex.js via a link on Reddit. I understand the point the author is trying to make. And I used to be pretty firmly opposed to ORMs and query builders.

Is Software Development a Stressful Career?

Software development can, at times, seem like a stressful, thankless career. A recent discussion thread on Reddit got me thinking and reflecting back on the decade I’ve been working as a software developer. Some people seemed to lament the fact that working as a developer can feel like a thankless

JavaScript Array Push Performance

This is a short response I wrote to a question on /r/javascript. The user who asked it was curious whether there would be any performance difference between adding elements to a JavaScript array by calling push, or manually adding a new object to an array by making a call like myArray[myArray.length]

JavaScript indexOf vs includes performance

This is a short response I wrote to a question on /r/javascript. The user who asked it was curious whether there would be any performance difference between using a JavaScript string’s indexOf vs includes performance when trying to find a substring within a larger string.  Let’s take a look at the ECMAScript

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